The best board games you'll have fun playing.

Board games have always been a popular form of entertainment for numerous people even back in the days where technology still wasn't that imminent. When board games are mentioned, the first thing that you'll surely think about is the 'board', as this type of game would always be constrained or bound by a set of rules or board which it needs to played on. Simple as it may be since you could basically play it on top of the table or anywhere you please, there's no doubt that you'll have a vast selection in this category, all of which comes with unique features or rules that will never fail to entertain you and your fellow competitors or players.

Our site greatly understands that nowadays, even board games have become more innovative than ever and with vaster selections in the market which you could play offline or online, through physical or digital means, you'll surely find it more daunting to find games in this category that would be enough to please or amaze you in the process. If you want to make sure that you'll invest time and effort in a game that will be more than enough to occupy and entertain you for times to come, here are some thoughts on what games you should try for yourself.


A famous board game since the early 20th century until today, Monopoly is definitely the game for you if you enjoy not only testing your luck but also managing properties or even exhibiting your exquisite skills in negotiation and more. There's no doubt that the factor of chance or luck in this game is quite high since you'll involve the usage of two dice with six sides however, what this would require more is how you'll manage resources in order to dominate the field. The game is definitely more fun the more you play with and it has become a staple board game for friends and family members alike. It comes with varieties of versions for you to choose from nowadays and you'll even be able to play some of it with different themes to boot.


When it comes to testing wits and vocabulary, nothing would surely beat playing a round of Scrabble. This game would usually be played by either two players or even up to four players. This involves the usage of tiles each with different letters on it and of course, the players would randomly designate these styles among them. The goal of the game is to earn points by putting words on each tile, stemming from words made by other players. The entire board consists of a 15x15 size with diverse pointing system indicated on some places across the board and on the tiles of letters you have. Of course, it is evident that the winner of the game is the one with the biggest amount of points after the end of the game.


There's simply no way that Chess would be left behind if the center of the discussion revolves around board games. It's simply one of the epitome of board games and a classic that has encompassed a time or duration longer than other board games out there. It makes use of 16 chess pieces for each player, and each chess piece type has their own set of characteristics that would make you feel as though you're strategizing for something more than just a board game. The game has 8x8 grid for the players to play in, and each chess piece could move around it according to their type and capabilities. Chess pieces include pawns, knights, bishop, rook, king and queen.


Card games are also a staple variety of games for players and out of all the card games you could play from solitaire, poker, blackjack and many more, one of the most family-friendly, fun and exciting is definitely the Uno Card game. This shedding type game comes with a set of rules and a system for you to follow and there's no doubt that playing it would not fail to bring you an exhilarating experience as well, especially if you manage to be the first to reach 500 points and win the game.


When it comes to classic and old board games, you'll surely be hard-pressed to find a game that would top backgammon when it comes to age. It's a game which could easily be dated back thousands of years in the past and its main goal is for you to successfully move the checker pieces across the triangles in the board.


If you're looking for a unique, engaging mystery game, Cluedo is certainly the board game for you as it involves a gameplay where players would be tasked to find out who has done the murder in a game played by 3-6 players.