List of Best mahjong games you'll be thrilled to Play

Originating from the Orient, Mahjong has been in the industry for as long as one could remember it. In fact, it has been popular even before our generation came and its origin can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty. This tile-based game has become an iconic game in the orient wherein 3 to 4 players are involved in a game where one would have to employ their capabilities in terms of strategizing, observation, memory skills and employing different tactics in order to win the game. Its outstanding way of testing one's wits and also providing a fun experience has allowed it to expand throughout diverse countries around the globe, making it a popular game nowadays.

With the advent of technology nowadays along with the spread of mahjong throughout the globe, you will now even have the chance to play classic mahjong up to casino mahjong all within the comforts of your own home, through the utilization of the internet. You'll surely see plenty of titles in this market, making extremely daunting for you to pinpoint what exact mahjong title you should go for. Fortunately for you, our site understands the challenge players would have to face while searching for the best mahjong games and we are here to help you overcome the challenges ahead of you.

Mahjong Master

Without a doubt, one of the most classic mahjong game that you could play through technology today is the Mahjong Master. You could never go more straightforward than this, as the game even renders its environment in a way that would make others think of mahjong the first instant they come into its universe. Not to mention, you certainly wouldn't find it difficult to learn about the game even if you're a beginner since it even employs a tutorial option for you to take advantage of. Of course, with its simple capabilities and its classic mahjong appeal, it is more fit for those people who are looking for a game that would allow them to enjoy a simple yet outstanding pastime.

Mahjong Solitaire Epic

If the regular or classic mahjong simply doesn't make the cut when it comes to giving you the exhilarating experience you seek, you'll surely find the thrill you've always been looking for through the Mahjong Solitaire Epic. Although it may still come with rules that are as classic as they could get, what makes it different is the diversity of experience you'll get from playing this game. Compared to classic mahjong, this game would introduce you to a marvellous world that would not fail to amaze you with their diversity because as you explore through its universe, you'll be able to interact and enjoy mahjong boards with different difficulties and more. Not to mention, the game is jam-packed with beautiful backgrounds and elements which brings the game into a cohesive whole - one that's definitely unmatched by simple games in the market.

Casino Mahjong

If you're looking for something more thrilling and would surely make your blood pump in excitement, you could always go for a Casino Mahjong game. It is just as it is implied - it is basically mahjong played through Casinos and this means that it comes with gambling elements that will surely make your gaming experience more exciting. Of course, there are always sites out there who may provide this in free to play mode but, more serious players could opt for online casino sites which offers real-money gameplay for casino mahjong. Through this kind of game, you surely would not fail experience an outstanding time playing this tile-based game.

Mahjong Journey

Different types of Mahjong were born from different approaches and Mahjong Journey renders the gameplay of Mahjong by telling an immersive plotline that would without a doubt, immerse any player into the gameplay it renders. In the game, you'll play as a young girl character and in her pursuit to pinpoint the location of parents she has never met before, she finds herself going to Asia in order to successfully deal with this life-long dilemma she has. However, during his journey, he faces Mahjong trials that the player would need to overcome in order to unfold the story completely. This kind of rendering the mahjong games while increasing the difficulty as the game progresses, is certainly one of the most engaging type of game you could hope for in the market. Along with its outstanding gameplay, you'll equally be amazed with the fact that the game has superb graphics and features that will surely make your every step on the game, more worthwhile and fulfilling.