Play Free Sports Games Online

If you want to play free sports games, you're in the right place. Sports games are great and they let you become the athlete, football player, baseball star, and more right from the comfort of your own. They are a great way to spend some time and in some racing games, you get to run, kick, jump, and score your way to stardom. We have a huge catalogue of games for sports like football, baseball, soccer, tennis, archery, athletics, and more. We even have some free sports games and information on how to bet on poker games such as Texas Hold'em, too. Our games let you win the games with your fingers and when you browse our selection you'll find great some great choices. Some include real-life graphics, others are 3D. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here.

Types of Free Sports Games to Play

You can play a huge range of games. There are table games likes pool and snooker, horse racing games, and team games like soccer, football, and baseball. There are tournaments and leagues that you can enter with friends and we even have a range of winter sports too. Become the next ski champion and go head to head with players from around the world. There are challenging games, athletic games, and much more. You'll find games for land and water based sports and you get to play them all from the comfort of your home. Some of our most popular free sports games categories include:

  • Football:Whether it's NFL or soccer, there are some great choices. Practice scoring goals or look at the bigger picture by taking part in tournaments and championships. Popular titles include Soccer Legends, Penalty Shooters, Euro Soccer Forever, Toon Cup, Return Man, Number 1, Puppet Soccer Zoo, Soccer Heads 2, and lots more. American Football games let players throw long passes, smash through the defence, and score touchdowns. Popular titles include Return Man, Linebacker Alley, 4th and Goal, Football FRVR, Touchdown Blast, and more.
  • Baseball: Knock some balls out of the part with our baseball games. Popular titles include Blast Baseball 2 and Smash. Hit some home runs and watch the crowds roar as you play baseball. Place yourself firmly in the action and try your hand at pitching, batting, or even fielding. ESPN Arcade Baseball is a popular title that lets players practice their wing and hit targets to score points. Pinch-Hitter lets players build their own three-man team and practice their skills. Popular titles include Baseball Pro, Baseball Blast, Baseball Master, and more.
  • Tennis: Test out your serving skills and get those backhanders in our range of tennis games. Popular titles include Tennis Legends, Centre Court, Sports Heads Tennis, Real Tennis, Puppet Tennis, Tennis Fury, and more.
  • Hockey: Play as your favourite NHL stars and skate the ice to score. Popular titles include Hockey Legends, Hockey Stars, and more.
  • Basketball:Jump around the court and scorer baskets in titles like Basketball Legends or Dunkers. Focus on your dribbling or shooting as you become a star.
  • Water Sports:This section includes swimming and diving free sports racing games. There are even some waterskiing games too. You can practice your driving skills in games like Flip Diving.
  • Golf: Control your swing and clear the green in a few plays as possible. Practice getting a birdy and teeing off in exciting tennis games. Popular titles include Golfy Golf, Gelf, Mini Golf Space, Andy's Golf, Just Golf, Wonderputt, Disc Golf, and more.
  • Winter Sports: Play great skiing and snowboarding games or take part in ski jump games. The choice is yours in this exciting category.
  • Others:There are plenty of other great titles games categories including skateboarding, archery, athletics, boxing, martial arts, and more.

Free Online Sports Games For Mobile and Desktop

If you're a sports gamer or want to play sports and racing games for free on your mobile or PC, we have a huge range of categories and titles to choose from. Some games allow players to play as their favourite star while others let them take control of an entire team. Most of the games are available in 3D and are available for PC, Mac, and mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Top Ten Free Play Sports Games

Below is our top ten favourite free sports games. All can be played for free and include a range of different these, similarly to Texas Hold'em and other poker games. They include classics like football and soccer as well as action-adventure racing games like skateboarding.

  1. Basketball Legends
  2. Sports Hero
  3. Soccer Legends
  4. Tennis Legends
  5. Penalty Shooters
  6. Tap-Tap Shots
  7. Euro Soccer Forever
  8. Basket Champs
  9. Stunt Skateboard 3D
  10. Hockey Legends